100 years of family pottery

On September 21, 2019, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Vathiotis workshop, together with friends. The event took place at the site of the stone-built kilns of Manolis Vathiotis. The event was prefaced by Mrs. Tassoula Eptakoili and Mrs. Eri Ritsou.

Eri Ritsou:


«...In a society of disintegration, as we have experienced it in recent decades, with the intense advancement of individualism and the isolation of people, with the distorted way in which technology is promoted, not to make people's lives easier but to put By sending hundreds of thousands to unemployment and increasing the profits of big business, in such a context, the family business is a core of resistance to leveling, a living cell of humanity.

This may sound strange, but I'm not talking about any family business. I'm talking about where its members use their minds, hands, talents, love and soul to make and offer to society what they produce. And this is exactly the case with the "Vathiotis Pottery".

Grandfather Dimitris, grandfather Manolis and grandmother Patras, daughters Stamatia and Evangelia, granddaughter Emmanuela created, maintained and continue to keep alive a workshop, which is much more than a "workshop". In fact, it is a hotbed of living culture, bringing through its art the contact of the modern world with art and the life of hundreds of past centuries...»

Tassoula Eptakoili:


«…Clay, the humble, the earthly. And yet, it can be transformed into ethereal and light material, to give shape to emotions, to dreams. Of course, this happens under certain conditions. And especially when other materials are added to the clay: love, passion and imagination.

In the ceramics of Vathioti, the dishes, the jugs, the mugs, everything intact, healthy and harmless are standing in front of us in there, a similar adhesive substance has existed for almost a century. We do not see it but we feel it. It is the love and devotion of this family for what they do.

The shelves of this laboratory, now occupied by women, meet the inspiration and passion of four generations.

The place we are in, then, is not just a pottery: it is a cell of culture, it is a place of fertilization of the Sami tradition with modern artistic trends and concerns. Because tradition makes sense when it is evolving, as my beloved Emmanuela says...»

The video from the presentation, in 3 parts.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Presentation of the potter Stamatia Vathioti and the workshop Vathiotis by PEKA

On December 15, 2019, we attended Athens at the invitation of PEKA (Panhellenic Association of Ceramists and Potters), for the presentation of the potter Stamatia Vathiotis, 3rd generation potters, in the context of the 8th forum of Greek ceramics.
After the presentation and the screening of the videos, the speech of the President of PEKA, Mr. Nikos Vallatos and questions from the audience followed.